1985    Start with a Laboratory Service Center
      1986    Start of the glassblowing work shop.
      1986    Bought a glass lathe DN 300 mm to process glass tubes up to 800 mm dia.
      1991    First time at Achema in Frankfurt.
      1999    Start of a Joint Venture company Tehnic Gaz in Romania.
      2005    Bought a glass lathe DN 500 mm to produce reactors up to 250 litres.
      2010    Equipment:   2 glass lathes with     40 mm diameter bore,
                                       1 glass lathe with       60 mm diameter bore,
                                       1 glass lathe with     100 mm diameter bore,
                                       2 glass lathes with   200 mm diameter bore,
                                       1 glass lathe with     250 mm diameter bore,
                                       1 glass lathe with     300 mm diameter bore,
                                       1 glass lathe with     500 mm diameter bore.
                   Also we have machines to work on metal as turning, milling, pressing and stamping.

      With this machinery we produce all types of glass apparatuses, up to double wass reactors
      150 litre. Also we produce special apparatues made of materials like PTFE, PEEK, Stainless
      steel or Hastelloy.

      The G. DIEHM Process Systems want to be a competent partner to construct systems for the
     pharmaceutical industrie and chemistrie. So we deliver systems, starting at the laboratory
      system, up to processing systems.
      For the construction we use 2D and 3D construction programms.
      We also work together with the best partners to fulfill all your wishes.
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